Make Your Home Warmer & Cozier with Fan Winter Mode

Keeping your home warm during the winter can prove to be more difficult than anticipated! Check out these tips to keep your feet toasty during this cold season.

  • Load Up On The Right Winter Textiles
  • Deal With Drafts – doors, windows and cracks can leak cold air into your home. To keep your house as warm as possible, you’ll need to isolate the gaps that let the cold air in.
  • Use Smart Heating & Cooling Wisely – smart heating and cooling systems are readily available to make comfort on demand easy. You can wirelessly control your home’s heating system nowadays, thanks to a smart thermostat and home zoning.
  • Rearrange Your Furniture To Make Your Home Warmer – move your sofa and other larger pieces of furniture away from your heating ducts or radiators so the heat can flow freely in a room.
  • Run Your Fan The Opposite Way
    Did you know that most fans have a tiny switch on the base of the mechanism near the blades? This switch allows you to turn the fan to “winter mode.”
    Heat rises. And if you have tall ceilings, the warmest place in your home is near the ceiling. Set the fan’s switch to reverse mode so the blades spin clockwise instead of counterclockwise to push warm air back down where you can enjoy it.
    This trick works best if your fan has several speed settings. Run your fan at the very lowest speed possible. You don’t want to run your fan too high, creating a draft and cooling the room.
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