Medicare is federally funded health insurance, typically for those aged 65 and over, or for people under 65 who are disabled or meet other special criteria.
There are several parts that make up Medicare and each is designed to cover some of your healthcare needs. These are:
1. Medicare Part A: Covers some of your inpatient hospital stays, rehabilitation and some additional skilled nursing care.
2. Medicare Part B: Helps to cover your doctor visits and other medical services like x-rays and lab tests.
3. Medigap: This works with A and B and fills in specific cost sharing gaps where A and B might not cover all the services you receive, like helping with some of your copays or coinsurance costs.
4. Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C): Covers all Medicare Part A and B benefits and may offer lower cost sharing and additional benefits that Medicare doesn’t cover.
5. Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Medicare Part D): Helps you with your prescription drugs costs.

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