Workers’ Compensation Insurance
For Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability coverage, Berkshire Hathaway GUARD writes policies from coast to coast for a wide variety of businesses but with an emphasis on small- to medium-sized companies – our specialty! While the kinds of protection offered by all insurers are largely dictated by government regulations, we distinguish ourselves from others in key ways:
Competitive pricing
An easy, streamlined process for obtaining quick quotes.
Cash-flow friendly payment terms (including “pay-as-you-go” and self-reporting options).
Value-added loss control services that can make a workplace safer and a bottom line stronger.
Fast, fair claims handling that focuses on quality medical care as the means of achieving the quickest possible return to work and superior cost containment.
Excellent customer service (which encourages renewals).

Businessowner’s Policies
Currently available in a select but rapidly growing number of states, our policy helps protect the financial resources of small- to mid-sized companies. While we write policies for many types of businesses, some of our favorites include restaurants, retail stores, professional offices, processing and services specialists, hotels/motels, artisan contractors, and auto services operations. A “Total Insured Value” up to $12.5 million is typically sought, but we consider even larger accounts as well.
Our product offers:
All the major business property and liability coverages in one policy.
The availability of many specialized endorsements, including ones targeted to the specific needs of different industry groups.
Optional increased limits and the flexibility to customize coverage to unique circumstances.
Competitive basic pricing as well as a variety of price discounts.
A fast and easy application process, enabling a quicker quote.

Commercial Auto Insurance
Currently available in a number of states. Our product includes:
Liability, Physical Damage, and Statutory coverages with many customizable options.
A “S-T-R-E-T-C-H Endorsement” that can add a variety of extras at minimal cost.
Competitive basic pricing as well as Individual Risk Premium Modifications (IRPMs).
A fast and easy application process, enabling a quicker quote.

Commercial Umbrella / Excess Insurance
Berkshire Hathaway GUARD’s Commercial Umbrella/Excess insurance (currently available in a select but rapidly growing number of states – see a map of our Operating Area) gives an organization an additional tier of protection, typically extending existing limits as well as financial security. Our policies feature:
The ability to attach over a variety of Liability coverages.
A particularly quick and easy process when all the underlying policies are GUARD’s (just a few simple questions are asked).
The availability to provide coverage over policies written by other carriers with an A- or better rating as long as the underlying Businessowner’s policy is written by us.